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All Learning Sites in the Learning Journeys (LJ) Programme cover at least 2 of the above criteria. In fact, most fulfil 3, if not all 4. Another added advantage to visiting these sites is that they have already incorporated NE learning objectives in the programme(s) offered. In addition, worksheets have been developed with the help of CPDD officers to complement the LJs.

Should schools select a site outside the LJ Programme, they must ensure that the chosen site is able to satisfy at least 2 of the 4 criteria. Schools should also consciously weave in NE in the learning objectives.


Learning Journeys refer to all trips out of schools which teachers and students embark on together to extend and enrich the educational experience. Besides helping to make real and concrete what has been learnt in schools, Learning Journeys will broaden the mental horizons of students and contribute to their total development.

Many key national Organisations have been invited to participate in the Learning Journeys Programme. Visiting these Organisations will give students the opportunity to understand what makes Singapore tick and instil pride in our achievements. Through such visits, our young will understand that hard work, the desire to excel, and readiness to take calculated risks, have allowed us to overcome many constraints which a small city-state has to face.

Learning Journeys are not relevant to National Education only. The Learning Journeys Programme can be made more meaningful and relevant to our students when schools plan the visits with multiple learning objectives in mind. With the recent emphasis on a multi-disciplinary approach, and the need to derive maximal educational benefits from every educational activity, schools can undertake these visits as an integral part of the formal curriculum, enhancing the learning experience of students.

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