NE Quiz

The NE Quiz aims to test pupils’ knowledge and understanding of National Education.

It is administered to all pupils (including PRs and foreign students) at milestone points in the education system - Primary 6 and Secondary 4 and equivalent.

From 2013 onwards, the NE Quiz will take the form of a brower-based interactive game.

There are 2 versions of the Quiz- one for Primary students and one for Secondary students.

Both versions of the quiz consist of a Core Level of questions and 4 optional Achievement Levels. Quiz questions are in multiple-choice format.

4 optional Achievement Levels test topics grouped into the following domains:
a) Our Heritage: Places and People
b) Our Way of Life: Identity and Community
c) Shared Beliefs: Values and Principles
d) Our Future: Challenges and Opportunities      

Criteria for passing the quiz is for pupils to clear the Core Level by correctly answering at least 8 of 10 Core Questions.
The quiz will generate a new sequence of questions from its data bank each time and pupils are able to take the quiz multiple times.

The integrated data administration module in the quiz will record pupils’ best score.

More information on the NE Quiz can be found in the OPAL.

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